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We are problem-oriented people, so you can just dump your problem in the email box or give us a call and we will see in what way we can help you. You can also scroll down to see if something fits our needs.

We are happy to support you with tools and guidance to get moving so that you might fix it on your own. 

Typical problem scenarios we work with

To give a broader idea of where we excel, we have put together a few typical problem scenarios for us.

Solve a business crisis

The company’s existence is at stake, outperformed by market competition, and rapid actions are required to avoid a black swan scenario. Everyone is working around the clock, and still, the threat of chaos is imminent. 

We can help you get on top of the situation with battlefield management principles in conjunction with effective staff work routines.

Increase productivity

Low profitability, overstaffed, quality issues, growing customer complaints, uncompetitive product portfolio, or problems to adopt digitalization. Often with a risk of being outperformed by competitors. 

We can help you quickly boost productivity and bring forward your untapped potential.


Break silos

Your organization is stuck in silos and not competitive enough. Managers, employees, and shareholders expect and create a costly, low productive, managerial environment where people don’t thrive. The innovation to execution is slow, and there are unclear objectives or low readiness to execute change.

We can help you develop the organization’s design and way of working and ensure you get a functional managerial system in place.

Get growth capital

You have a non-competitive finance structure where your business model no longer works, and your growth is hampered through inadequate financial resources. Risk policies inhibit growth. 

We can help you review the situation, adjust your business model and provide you with institutional financiers.

Implement a strategy

Your timely strategy work has finally come to an end. Now it’s just to turn it into a doable plan, and that’s when you grasp the width of what needs to be done.

When you are ready to implement your new strategy, we can help you through the process of operationalizing your ambitions and give it a robust roadmap.

Get traction

When your ongoing transformation programs don’t deliver desired effect.

We can help you minimize waste and target the right objectives, structure the work, and set a solid roadmap to get back on track. 

Always missing the next wave

You have a problem staying ahead of competition and risk being blindsided by competitors since your offers no longer appeal to your customers. Worse is that innovation doesn’t thrive and the processes to explore what’s beyond the current business plan are not in place.

We can help organize the processes and work that will solve this. At the same time give you tools to prevent it from happening again. 

Get a systematic view

It’s hard to oversee and manage the company operations unnecessary resource leakage. Your business has a systematic defect that seems impossible to manage, and you appear near disruption.

We are glad to say that this is one of our specialties, and we have ways to help you make a profitable transformation.

You can’t get your head around the problem

It’s hard to get a good overview of the situation you’re in, and the actual cause-and-effect take too much time to figure out. The available opportunities are hard to see, why you need a second opinion. You are doing due diligence, or you have challenges that you need to sort out before a decision.

We can tailor the best way to support your situation and give you a quick solution to your problem.


Implement a Requisite Organization Design

We help you explore the opportunities with a Requisite Organization design and implement it as a viable solution.

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It is proven to be the most cost-effective and productive organizational principle available. During the Opportunity Space Methodology work, we determine the specific features of the structure.

The scoop of the design can range from a single unit to encompass a company. The purpose is to give you a platform allowing for viable ways of working in a 4-tempo operation. 

Additional benefits include increased trust between members of the organization, reduced risk for being blindsided by competitors, increased efficiency of managerial work, and business agility. 


Greenfield operations

When you need to test new business ideas or functions, we offer to build new capabilities outside the existing organization without disrupting ongoing operations.

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This approach allows for both faster business growth and business innovation. In a Greenfield Operation, we apply our start-up and scale-up skills to build units from scratch. The team will be customized to your scope.


Executive coaching

We offer executive coaching of leaders or management teams.

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We target managerial leadership, strategy, finance, digitalization, agile work methods, and related organization. It’s also possible to get specific seminars and training programs for management teams. 


Executive office

We offer you a team as your executive operations office. Due to complexity or sensitivity, the staff function is tailored to handle work you can’t delegate. 

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As a staff, we create a strong companionship with you to manage the necessity of precision, objectivity, and conceptualization related to change management. It often speeds up knowledge-building among management teams, giving organizations an excellent chance to set a new focus, quickly generate a stress reliever, and generate execution power. 


Problem scoping

We offer you Complex Problem and Solution Mapping based on our Opportunity Space Methodology.

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We provide a holistic understanding of your problem or opportunities at hand, risks, and related business potential. A thorough investigation of the limitations and restraints that shape your opportunity space also answers what immediate actions you should consider and provides a good starting point for more extensive work. It applies to all types of problems but stands out for complex and dynamic problems containing many different parameters. 


But why?

We offer a workshop series to handle situations where it’s hard to tell the best way to manage a diverse project portfolio. 

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The workshops help you understand the situation through Opportunity Space Methodology, reduce waste in portfolio management and safeguard business justification of projects. It also allows you to define a Statement of Work and critical strategies for successful execution. Most of all, it reduces the risk of wasting resources on programs or projects that should never have started. 


Blocking fallbacks with nudging

When an operation reaches the critical execution phase, we can stay and support your operationalizing with nudging efforts.

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Small or big, change take time, and there is a significant risk of returning to what was before, risking losing traction and not succeeding as expected. To assure you do not end up with resources wasted on PowerPoints, we nudge you in the right direction. Our outside perspective, expert knowledge of your solution, and independent position can help you block fallbacks and fill in the gaps. 



The work is targeting to map specific problem domains on a high level. We fly by all delivery modules to get a good overview.  

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Many activities are started without a clear objective and become waste. Our fly-by module is a quick review of all our delivery modules in the Opportunity Space Methodology. Based on your current data and existing analyses, it shall generate an overview of the situation, the opportunity space, and challenges to present your opportunities. 

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