When should you call us?

When you have a problem that relates to competitiveness, performance, structure, or strategy, we are here to help you fix it. We create value by taking away what is blocking you from successfully self-propel into the future.  

Viable Solutions power opportunities

We are passionate about operationalizing the path to the future and want to do this together with inspiring people, clients, and brands. The cause to make a change through leadership and create viable solutions has made us focus on bringing the opportunities beyond current business plans to life and taking away things blocking you from doing so.

Releasing the power of people and innovation

We create value for customers, employees, shareholders, and society by releasing the power of people and innovation. We do this through explorative work with new business development, which guides the transformation. We believe this is the way to meet the future.

Same problems – Different industries

We are foremost problem-oriented and not industry specialists. Many problem domains are constantly present, some change. Our approach to you goes through your situation and is why our Opportunity Space Methodology has an open architecture, that will adopt to your conditions. 

We deliver strategic solutions that create operational value

Viable solutions are our core service. The solutions integrates critical activities to sort out your challenge and solve strategic problems to create operational effect. We want to provide you with a robust way forward, where you and your organization can self-propel into the future, with fewer blockers for success. 


”Capable of; living, growing or developing, working, functioning, development as an independent unit, having a reasonable chance of succeeding, financially sustainable.”



”An action or process of solving a problem, an answer to a problem, an explanation, a bringing or coming to an end”


Typical problem scenarios we work with

To give a broader idea of where we excel, we have put together a few typical problem scenarios for us.


Solve a business crisis

The company’s existence is at stake, outperformed by market competition, and rapid actions are required to avoid a black swan scenario. Everyone is working around the clock, and still, the threat of chaos is imminent.

We can help you get on top of the situation with battlefield management and structured staff work.


Bad productivity

Low profitability, overstaffed, quality issues, growing customer complaints, uncompetitive product portfolio, or problems to adopt digitalization. It’s hard to oversee and manage the company operations resource leakage. Your business has a systematic defect that seems impossible to manage, and you appear near disruption.

We can help you quickly boost productivity and exploit your potential.



Organizational silos

Your organization is stuck in silos and not competitive enough. It creates a costly, low-productive, managerial environment where people don’t thrive. Innovation is low, with unclear objectives, insufficient cross-functional collaboration, and low readiness to change. 

We can help you develop the organization’s design and way of working and ensure you get a functional managerial system in place.


Wrong financial structure

You have a non-competitive finance structure where your business model no longer works, and your growth is hampered through inadequate financial resources or risk policies that inhibit growth.

We can help you review the situation, adjust your business model, and provide new financiers. 


Get traction

When your ongoing transformation programs don’t deliver desired effect, you are overwhelmed by program offices and timeframe to deliver manifested results are shrinking.  

We can help you set a solid operationalizing roadmap to get back on track and identify what programs, projects, and activities are essential and which are waste.


Constantly missing the

next wave

You have a problem staying ahead of the competition and risk being blindsided by competitors since your offers no longer appeal to your customers. Worse is that innovation doesn’t thrive and the processes to explore what’s beyond the current business plan are not in place. 

We can help organize the processes and work that will solve this. At the same time give you tools to prevent it from happening again.


Implement a strategy

Your timely strategy work has finally come to an end. Now it’s just to turn it into a doable plan, and that’s when you grasp the width of what needs to be done.

When you are ready to implement your new strategy, we can help you through the process of operationalizing your ambitions and give it a robust roadmap.


You can’t get your head

around the problem

It’s hard to get a good overview of the situation you’re in, and the actual cause-and-effect take too much time to figure out, the available options are hard to see, why you need a second opinion. Maybe you are in the middle of due diligence, or you have challenges that you need to sort out before a critical decision.

We can tailor the best way to support your situation and give you a quick solution to your problem.