A bit different, a bit more viable

We are a hybrid-minded development and operationalizing company, working as consultants but thinking like owners, to bring your visions to life and release the full potential of your organization. Taking on responsibility for your long-term success, we want to power your opportunities, operationalize your future, and get things down to earth in a viable way. Our solutions will provide you with tools to handle any evolution of your organization, on your terms.

We welcome you to explore our view on things. 


We operate in the opportunity space

Where technology meets people
Where the incomprehensible becomes comprehensible
Where the ambiguity meets decisiveness 
Where visions become reality

Passionate to improve

We are passionate about leaving this world a better place for the next generation. We care about what is good for our planet and want to support the larger context. Our values and beliefs for equal rights and opportunities for everyone reflect in what we do, how we do it, and foremost, for whom we do it.

Powering opportunities

As transitive leaders, we share experience and knowledge through active listening and coaching by joining our client’s journey. Unafraid of inspiring to rethinking, and redesigning, we, together with our client, encourage bold actions to meet threats and explore opportunities.

Therefore we fight to work around blockers to identify the most viable solution. Our autonomy, self-esteem, and dedication to what is best for our client, its customers and the greater good are guiding us.


Releasing the power of people and innovation

We create value for customers, employees, shareholders, and society by releasing the power of people and innovation. We do this through explorative and data-driven development, focusing on creating a sustainable impact through change. We believe this is the way to meet the future.

We work with clients that want strategic solutions with operational impact

We have startups, large enterprises, agencies, and private equity clients. They use our competence to solve critical business issues, create growth, increase productivity and strengthen competitiveness.

We are also involved in security and defense improvements by rebuilding the armed forces’ capabilities, supporting the industry, and planning contingency with regions and municipalities.

Military DNA

We have extensive military experience and have adopted several military principles in our core processes. A vital part of the culture at Viable Solutions is the commitment to tasks and loyalty to fulfill the entrusted objectives, even if it is uncomfortable and stressful. Maintaining focus, structure, and decisiveness have made us successful.

The Opportunity Space Method produce viable solutions

We use the Opportunity Space Method to generate viable solutions to match your needs. It works for all problems and challenges. Regardless of where you are in your business or organization’s lifecycle, we can support you with a viable solution.

We use our knowledge, experience, and drive to operationalize your path to the future and bring opportunities beyond current business plans to life in a feasible, sustainable and robust way.

When you present your challenge, we will tailor the service to match it. 

Move in. Solve the problem. Move out.

We try to push the boundaries for how fast it is possible to generate sustainable long-term effects. We integrate with your organization to ensure continuous knowledge transfer and channel existing corporate knowledge to minimize waste.

Our way of working allows the organization to maintain a high level of operational control and succeed with its development. The necessity of us fades out when the solution and the organization become self-sufficient, and we can remain as advisers when needed. 

Let us go get sustainable!

It’s time to change to a more sustainable way of working, producing, and living. We think it’s critical for all organizations to quickly find an economically sustainable way to change what must be changed. Many organizations do tremendous work to take action, but we can do more. 

Exceptional people can do exceptional things

The problems we solve and the challenges we handle need special attention and exceptionally skilled people. Therefore we have core resources blended with an ecosystem of trusted associates and partners to make sure we can deliver a best-in-class service. Since we also offer to take your solutions through operationalization and even establish greenfield entities, we have skilled entrepreneurs and startup people. 

The solutions we create are for you

We respect our clients’ integrity and don’t flash the brands we advise in our marketing. So, if you are looking for references, you will not find any because we keep them confidential. Every client shall know that is our motto and that they can feel safe sharing their data and inner thoughts with us and the solutions we create together.  

Catalyzing your opportunities

We are the catalyst for operationalizing your vision, ambitions, and solutions to your challenges. We help you evaluate, structure, and present the various options at your disposal. 

We focus on solving your problems and creating viable solutions to exploit the opportunities. We focus on defining the problem together with you and your team. From there on, it’s a matter of shaping the opportunity space and designing a viable solution that fits it to make it doable.