Our service offer

All our service offers emerge from the notion of us helping you solve a critical and sometimes complex problem. Giving you a viable solution that you can self-sustain and operationalize to successfully propel into the future.  

Success for us

”The shortest possible time to make a significant operational effect that you can sustain and improve without us”

Our four service categories

We deliver our services in four different shapes.


    Special Purpose Operations

    An extensive problem that requires all five modules in the Opportunity Space Method to tailor to solve your specific situation or exploit an opportunity by delivering a viable solution.


    Niche Domain Services

    Workshops and assessments targeting readiness, strategies, and visions. Fields covered are, e.g., organizational design, managerial system, digitalization, and crisis preparations. 


    Improving National Security and Defense

    Building defense and civil contingency capabilities for the Armed Forces, parliament, government, agencies, regions, municipalities, and corporations.  


    Education and Training

    Fields covered are e.g. Requisite Organization, Dynamic Decision making, executive leadership. 

    Solve your complex problems

    We provide a way for you to handle complex problems with good returns and long-term viability​.

    Relieve your stress ​and make you successful

    We allow top management to lay off the critical tasks that are impossible to delegate or need to be handled discreetly.​​

    Get value out of your visions

    We master the Opportunity Space and Operational Art, giving you an effective tool to manage complexity, and achieve your strategic objectives.​​

    Provide you an outperforming organization

    We can provide you with an outperforming Requisite Organization structure and train your managers to sustain a people and objective-centric model. 

    Prepare your contingency plans for crisis

    We can prepare you better for crisis and war by contingency plans and training your organization in different crisis scenarios to strengthen your ability to withstand extreme situations. 

    Be your modulists

    We can provide you with the modulized version of your environment, providing a flexible and better overview, enabling new ways to communicate complex things in understandable ways.​  

    Service packages

    Your challenge is what defines our work. We focus on solving strategic or tactical problems that can emerge from external or internal sources. Our solutions give the best impact if implemented with a strategic mandate.

    Here you find some service packages we deliver, but you can always contact us if it’s near but not exactly what you are looking for.


    Special Purpose Operations


    Develop corporate or business function strategies

    Operationalizing Strategies

    Establishing greenfield entities

    Digital transformation

    Immediate return

    Lean Productivity boost

    Business and future offer development


    Strategic improvements

    Enterprise Production System improvement and operationalizing

    Strategic management system for mainstream operational functions*

    * Production, Product, and Service development, Sales, Marketing

    Fluid Work Structure implementation

    Requisite Organization implementation

    Ambidextrous and New Business Development capabilities implementation


    Improving Security and Defense

    Preparations and training

    Contingency planning for crisis and war

    Crisis scenario training

    Implement crisis organization and staff routines

    Organization and management

    Requisite Organization of governmental organizations

    Production system for governmental organizations

    Fluid Work Structure for governmental organizations

    Analysis and development

    Standard Operation Procedures for crisis 

    Crisis readiness assessment

    Operations analysis and Wargaming

    C2x concepts:

    • Common Operational Picture
    • Dynamic decision making and sensemaking
    • Network staff work structure
    • Modular and lean agile approach to capability building


    Niche Domain Services

    Assessments and workshops

    Organization Strategy assessment and workshop

    Digital Strategy assessment and workshop

    Productivity Improvements assessment and workshop

    Project portfolio justification workshop

    Financial structure assessment and workshop

    Sustainability Opportunity Space

    Decision support and second opinion

    Problem clarification and validation

    Due diligence


    Education and Advisory

    Education and training

    Requisite Organization Fundamentals

    Dynamic decision making

    Executive leadership program

    Self-assessment tools for digital strategies

    UN Goals for Sustainable Development

    Crisis scenario training


    Executive coaching

    Requisite and ambidextrous Organization


    Effective production systems

    Battlefield management


    Organization of Viable Operations

    We use an operations justification process to safeguard that we contribute to initiating operations that give you a good investment return.

    It ensures we only engage in work that we are sure to land well, where we share each others underlying core values, and where we together are strongly motivated.

    Task Force or Experts

    Depending on your situation, the problem you face, and the statement of work we conclude together, there are two standard ways we organize work, task force or experts. Then there are different variants tailored to your needs. We can work integrated into your organization, standalone or stealthy.


    Task Force

    A team of 2-6 persons by your side to fulfill the necessary work in the operation.



    Individuals supporting you and your organization in specific fields of expertise.