Fluid Work Structure 

We present a way to create a more dynamic organization by connecting four tempos of work that exist in all organizations. The four tempos connect the business with the organization set out to execute the work and ensure a predictable output. It represents a practical solution that connects long-term objectives with the operational reality.

A people-centric approach that builds competitiveness

Science and experience* point out four distinct tempos or windows, as we call them, where work will stream back and forth in the organization. The windows are connected and support each other to generate a fluid way of working. The Fluid Work Structure provides a stable foundation to run the managerial system with maximum efficiency.

The four windows connect the business with the organization set out to execute the work and provide a predictable output in each window. They also ensure complexity breakdown to successfully run continuous operations in multiple dimensions, capitalize on innovation and safeguard continuous improvements.

*Requisite Organization, Futuristic Think, Strategy planning and implementation frameworks, Lean-Agile, and Military leadership.

Continuous loop

The Fluid Work Structure implies a continuous revision of long-term strategic objectives to ensure correct instructions impact operational work. It blends with results and innovation that streams back, creating a managerial system that gives a vibrant environment with clear accountabilities.

A modern organization can only survive and thrive if it manages to change, adapt, and evolve repeatedly. The continuous loop in four critical dimensions will ensure collaboration and engagement from individuals. It will also provide a robust toolset to manage the outcome and work with continuous improvements to keep up with the competition.

A Fluid Work Structure puts your and the entire organization’s hands firmly on the steering wheel of this continuous evolution of operational effects from the requisite strategic outlook.

Organization Lifecycle Management

Fluid Work Structure gives a systemized approach where actions, organization, working methods, and performance assessment are linked and robustly designed to adapt to change over the organization’s lifecycle. A continuous loop of managerial activities on all levels and the cross-functional alignment are essential building blocks to guarantee execution power and agility. 

Optimal performance

Organization Life Cycle Management is the activity that ensures optimal performance of the organization, as new conditions and transitions through the business phases will change expectations on its expected results. Rather than continuous reorganization,  it starts with a Requisite Organization design, giving you a stable foundation to scale on.  

Explore how a Fluid Work Structure can improve your company

The Fluid Work Structure is a system of components. It e.g. consists of out-of-the-box processes, production systems, organization design, roles, mandates, cross-functional alignment, and managerial tools. We consider it a pre-packed Viable Solution that will be tailored to fit your specific situation. What we present here is the main concept.

We are looking forward to describing it in more detail and evaluating how a Fluid Work Structure can improve your company.

Tactical Window


This window creates customer value, and true heroes work here. All other windows exist to make this work as productive and relevant as possible. It transforms strategic objectives into operational values. Activities produce critical data to describe the status of the organization’s operations and shape the company’s opportunity space.



Hours – 2 years

Level of work complexity and uncertainty

Lower than Strategic Window

Strategic Window


This window provides a long-term focus and stability for operations to opt for sound investments in operational capabilities necessary to generate competitiveness and effective working conditions.


2 – 5 years

Level of work complexity and uncertainty

Higher than Tactical Window, but lower than Vision Window

Vision Window


This window gives the organization a visionary end state to strive for and creates a meaningful purpose that should bring competitiveness and viability. 


5 – 10 years

Level of work complexity and uncertainty

Higher than Vision Window, but lower than System Window

System Window


This window looks outside the current strategy and business plan to ensure that your organization explores possibilities and exploits its potential. The System Window creates prerequisites to manage the dynamics of your system-level evolution due to an ever-changing environment. This type of development will ensure that your company and strategy don’t become obsolete, with the risk that competitors blindside you. 


+10 years

Level of work complexity and uncertainty

Highest in the organization