Do you wish a viable or non viable solution? Your call.

What is a viable solution?

Our name is our customer promise. We deliver viable solutions as the answer to your challenges. It can be a single business or organization-related problem that needs a solution, an untapped potential in your business, or an operationalizing of your new corporate strategy. Most delivered Viable Solutions have emerged from a strategic or operational level, but sometimes we act on symptoms from lower levels in organizations like specific productivity, quality, or staffing issues.

The extent of a Viable Solution is directly related to the scope of your problem, objectives, and the opportunity zone. Simply put a viable solution close gaps and our working methods is primed to support the definition of root-causes to problems, design solutions, doable action plans and execute change.

Modular beats fixed

We bow to IKEA who has made the best video to explain the genius of modules. They are true modulists. See the short film, and you will understand what we mean.

Help us turn build a viable future

We accept the UN Goals for Sustainable Development and they are an intergral part of our viable solutions frame work. This film gives an impression of what it is. You find more information here.

Suppose you don’t understand what to do. What do you do?

Ok. This film is stupid, we know. But it puts the finger on a recurring problem. Too much work is done without actual alignment around the problem, the opportunities, and understanding of the situation. The military term is sense-making and situation awareness, which gives more punch in execution.

What a Viable Solution usually contains

Sadly, there is not a silver bullet solution; however, viable solutions consist of some recurring features.

However, the magic in a viable solution is not the framework. It’s what the solution encompasses and how we create its content and introduce it to people held accountable for the output. Since the scope can be rather extensive, it’s critical that our clients fully understand the impact of the solutions and are in total control of critical decisions.

Below you see a set of recurring features of our viable solutions.

A down-to-earth target picture

It will guide your organizations transformation and provide a clear explanation of your problems at hand. Broad consensus of cause and effect is achieved and critical for success. It reflects your organizations situation awareness and sense of urgency. It simply confirms that people understand what must be done and why it’s essential.

A Concept of Operations

It presents a coordinated road map to operationalize the necessary effects, with limited resources. Depending on your scope, it can span 1-10+ years. It is designed to stepwise direct and guide actions from strategy to shop-floor. First phases in the road map will be in detail with declining detail further into the future, until it only expresses significant long-term objectives. It’s the answer to what, when, and how, which all will adjust to the changing prerequisites over time.

A way of working

Simply your new work methodology, processes, role relationships, and decisions bodies.

A technology

A viable solution will require different technologies to work. It’s mostly your existing resources but can also be an implementation of new ones necessary to support operations and management

A objectives and actions

Clear and well-aligned objectives and actions from top to bottom, is essential to get the result you desire. It must generate the necessary effects that bridge your organization to the new state.

A structure of people, skills, and work

It will describe the managerial system, necessary to carry the new modus operandi. Somewhat it defines how you will operate the company under the new conditions and give you prerequisites for effective change management to succeed.

A tracking and control system

Your data-driven process and systems, that will provide your organization with sufficient data to operate, adjust and assess operationalizing of your Concept of Operations.

An opportunity zone

To reduce the risk of ending up with un-doable solutions, our methodology runs on the notion of the opportunity zone. It implies we find out what is actually possible to do in a given situation and what factors that limits the space.

Not everything can be a viable solution. We have certain standards.

To be consistent in what we deliver and true to our vision – Use viable solutions to propel business (clients?) to a profitable and sustainable future – we have set of design rules to approve a viable solution. This shall provide a solution that will be able to sustain, communicate and execute.

Clear objectives

A viable solution have clear objectives that target the specific problems it shall solve. It must be trusted that it can reach the goals defined during the process and solve the problems or exploit the untapped potential

Managerial execution system

A viable solution have organizational structure, the significant processes, the projects, and the ways of working that operationalizes the viable solution must adhere to the Requisite Organization & Stratified Systems Theory framework. This ensures both short- and long-term success.

Data-driven by design

A viable solution design generates, collect, process, and share digital data in a system environment. This provides your company’s processes with necessary input to assess the solution’s impact, give further direction, and to coordinate activities. The digital ambition in viable solutions is high, making the digital capabilities a crucial building block.

Financial model

A viable solution follows the money and provides a clear picture of its economic impact, good or bad. The model help assess the performance, guide decisions, control risk and maximize return on investment.

It shall be a modular system

A viable solution fit in the opportunity zone over the expanded timeline. The different factors that impact the zone should be assessed and highlighted to support dynamic decision-making.

Opportunity zone

A viable solution fit in the opportunity zone over the expanded timeline. The different factors that impact the zone should be assessed and highlighted to support dynamic decision-making.

Modular system

A viable solution is a modularized system. Modules are smart and make it possible to do different things and reshape functionality and direction without breaking up the fundamental framework for an organization. Each module is tailored to create specific effects and altogether form a platform of the necessary capabilities in your solution. The modular approach gives outstanding flexibility for further development, adjustments, and decommissioning of components. This makes your solution capable of adapting to inevitable future challenges and exploiting upcoming opportunities. Modularization also brings down complexity without harming the holistic view of the solution.  (länka till Ikea)


It shall be sustainable

A viable solution should generate a more sustainable impact. It must support the UN Global Sustainability Goals and force change of processes and sometimes challenge profitability and business culture. Länka till UN