Operationalizing strategies and close strategic gaps


Viable Solutions use Operational Art & Design to close the strategic gaps and manage the challenges through a company’s organization life cycle. This assures maximum competitiveness and sustainability in all stages of the company’s life cycle. We use OSM to transform strategic objectives into an operational design that links and integrates tactical engagements in a systematic fashion – a viable solution that achieves your strategic goals. 

The solution describes the prioritized and coordinated activities needed to achieve the desired effects and allows for execution of your objectives with limited resources. 

  • We identify the root causes of challenge and create a solid understanding of them.
  • We define the necessary objectives to solve the problems and use the opportunity zone to explore various courses of action.
  • We create and operationalize a Viable Solution in order to achieve the stated objectives and unleash the untapped potential.
  • We support the organization with customized nudging to safeguard against implementation setbacks.



Clarification of the problem, gap, you are facing by making sure the root-causes are addressed and fully understood. 

Break down of your strategies for ongoing change initiatives and current business environment to specify organizational demands. 

If needed, we recommend adjustments to your strategic framework, to enable its operationalizing leading towards the strategic goals.

We derive and specify the necessary business and organizational conditions to achieve strategic and operational objectives from the previous steps.

We create an operational design that sequence the actions in the most effective way to produce your new conditions necessary to close the gap and thereby solve the problem.

We design a requisite organization with cross-working alignment, clear roles, and tasks, that effectively can accomplish the objectives in the Operational Design.

We make sure that the associated risks are acceptable and that there are prerequisites for performance management. 

We support your organization as needed during implementation of any proposed solutions in order to ensure success.

The right organization.


We help design and implement an Requiste Organization structure as a Viable Solution. It has been proven to be the most cost-effective organizational structure to optimize productivity of the value chain in a company. Specific features of the structure are determined during the OZM work. The scoop of the design can range from a single organizational unit to encompass an entire division or company. The purpose is to give you a platform allowing for viable ways of working in a 4-tempo operation. Additional benefits includes increased trust between members of the organization, reduced risk for being blindsided by competitors, efficiency of managerial work and business agility.

Financial advisory.


We offer specialty finance advisory to Fintech companies and other financial service providers. It offers you access to bespoke warehouse financing and expansion capital through our network of institutional investors. The Viable Capital offer is delivered through OZM agile process that includes business development and transaction design based on your unique circumstances. We also make sure that the viable solution meet the institutional investors’ requirements.  The target is a capital introduction and a completed transaction. Our sweet-spot is financing needs above €50 million.

Greenfield Operations.


When you need to test new business ideas or functions, we offer to build new capabilities outside the existing organization without disrupting ongoing operations. This approach allows for both faster business growth and business innovation. In a Greenfield Operation, we apply our start-up and scale-up skills to build units from scratch. The team will be customized to the scope.

Solution Mapping.


We offer you Complex Problem and Solution Mapping based on OZM to provide a holistic understanding of your problem or opportunities at hand, risks, and related business potential. With a thorough investigation of the limitations and restraints that shape your opportunity zone, it also answers what immediate actions you should consider and provides a good starting point for more extensive work. It applies to all types of problems but stands out for complex and dynamic problems containing many different parameters.

But why?


We offer workshops to handle your situations where it’s hard to tell the best way to manage a diverse project portfolio or to scope out and decide whether or not you should start a certain project. The workshop helps you understand the situation through Opportunity Zone Methodology, reduce waste in portfolio management and safeguard business justification of projects. It also helps you to define a Statement of Work and key strategies for successful execution. Most of all it reduce the risk of wasting resources on programs or projects never should have started.

Coaching and training.


We offer executive coaching of leaders or management teams in managerial leadership, strategy, finance and organization related areas. It’s also possible to get specific seminars and training programs for management teams.

Operations Office.


We offer you a team as your executive operations office function. The staff function is tailored to handle work you can’t delegate due to complexity or sensitivity. As a staff we create a strong companionship with you to manage the necessity of precision, objectivity and conceptualization related to change management. It often speeds up knowledge building among management teams that gives organizations an excellent chance to set a new focus, quickly generate a stress reliever and generate execution power.