Viable Solutions




Our purpose is to find and close gaps that prevent transition to a viable modus operandi.


Our mission is to excel in creating long-term organization and business viability. We make this possible through a holistic and creative solution to operationalize strategic objectives. We call this a Viable Solution.


Our vision is to provide clients with Viable Solutions to propel business to a profitable and sustainable future.

A boutique management consult company focused on helping management to operationalize their strategies, by clarify challenges and providing viable solutions.


Viable Solutions was founded with the ambition to help organizations to focus on long-term business survivability with a positive impact on society. Environment is one aspect; human rights is another and sustainable productivity is a third. All three examples aim to use mechanism of market economy as vehicle to speed up a viable change. As organizations, like a company, is run by people, it implies that our bold vision is to make an impact on people and culture. Vital aspects are therefore a requisite organization, good leadership, and sound long-term objectives.


Viable is the perfect word to describe our vision, as it means​

capable of living​
capable of growing or developing​
capable of working, functioning, or adequately​
capable of existence and development as an independent unit​
having a reasonable chance of succeeding​
financially sustainable​


Solution underlines our action oriented and creative approach to get things done.​

It is an action or process of solving a problem​
It is an answer to a problem, an explanation​
It is a bringing or coming to an end