We master the opportunity zone, operational art and love elephants

Our experienced teams use the Opportunity Space Methodology together with the required tools to solve your problems. The approach is based on scientific practice, military principles, and dynamic management. We help you transform strategic challenges into realistic future-proven solutions. It means that we blend modern management and business principles with battlefield management and operations planning methodology, to solve your problems. ​

See the elephant and get doable solutions that make a positive impact

You will receive a viable solution customized to your needs that creates operational value and unleash untapped potential. One distinctive feature of a viable solution is to makes sure it is well coordinated throughout your organization in order to ensure optimal impact. But its more to it.

We measure our success as the shortest possible time it takes to generate a significant operational effect that the client can sustain

We push the boundaries for what is possible to achieve in order to efficiently generate the required conditions for sustainable long-term effect. With the use of servant leadership and integration with your organization, we ensure continuous knowledge transfer and effectively channel existing corporate knowledge to minimize waste. This allows for the organization to assume full operational control as the solution is implemented. Our role fades out as the solution and the organization becomes self-sufficient and we remain as advisers when needed..

Viable Solutions brings productivity and sustainability

Our viable solutions are answers to a challenge your company has. It can be related to different issues such as a strategy implementation, need for digitalization, mergers and acquisitions, or organizational design. It is normally a challenge that impedes productivity, growth or sustainable operations. A Viable Solution is addressing your unique problems, circumstances and objectives.

Shared understanding is the trick. Let us see the elephant together.

Regardless of what type of problem we have been tasked to solve, the experience has been the same. With a shared view of the opportunity zone and the issues at hand, things will go well. Through structured creativity and trust form the clients, we will focus on creating maximum stakeholder value, regardless of obstacles and free from the boundaries of internal politics..

Robust and dynamic way of working with the opportunity zone

All our offers are based on the same logic and Opportunity Zone Methodology focused to generate a Viable Solution. It works for enterprise-wide transformation programs, or digital readiness assessments. Our offers are different ways to use our capabilities to support your Organization Life Cycle Management. When you present the challenge to us, we will tailor the service to match your needs. Regardless of where you are in your business lifecycle, we can support you with a viable solution.

You are the cause. We bring the effect.

Our role is to be the catalyst for operationalizing your vision, ambitions, and solutions to your challenges. We help you evaluate, structure and present the various options at your disposal. The unique thing, coming from management consultants, is that they are actually doable, and that we help you make sure they get down to earth..

Complex problem solvers

We give you a unique way to reach a new strong market position with short-term effects and long-term viability, quicker than you think and with less risk of failure.​

We give top management an opportunity to lay off the critical tasks that are impossible to delegate or need to be handled discretely to make sure you fulfill your obligations​​

Stress relievers ​and success makers​

Value out of visions​​

We master the Opportunity Zone together with Operational Art and Design, giving you a unique way to manage complexity, and achieving your strategic goals.​​


We provide unique ways to give you a Requisite Organization structure and train your managers to sustain a people and objective-centric model that outperform everything else in the market.​

Requisite Organization​

Modular and sustainable design​

We provide you with a modular and flexible Viable Solution that is easy to implement, operate, develop and maintain.. It also guarantees that you had made your best efforts to become a long-term sustainable business.​

We give you small and super-engaged teams by your side to make sure the work gets done and your organization assumes full Operational Control of the situation as soon as possible. But be aware. If the emperor is naked. We will tell you..​​

Special Operations Team ​